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Affordable iPhone, iPad,
and MacBook Repair

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Affordable iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Repair

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Any of the booking methods we offer are quick and easy! In most cases you can complete your repair booking in a minute or less!


We handle each device as if it were our own! You can count on us for high quality results when it comes to your device repair.


Don't just take our word for it, there are hundreds of reviews across the internet.

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We can repair your broken device, even if you are unsure of what's wrong! Our trained technicians can conduct a free diagnosis!

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Bring your device to our store, request curbside service, or use our nationwide mail order repair service!

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Whichever option you choose, most repairs can be done in 30-60 minutes! Mail-in repairs will be processed the same day as received!


Google Reviews

Based on 173 reviews

  • My daughter dropped her iPad on a toy train and shattered her screen. My 2 littlest ones broke their devices slowly over time so the screens were cracked, the battery gone and also the charging ports were damaged. I called MackTech’s Manayunk iPhone, iPad and MacBook repair after reading the good online reviews. They gave me an amazing quote, kept me updated and made all of the necessary repairs in a timely fashion. Now, the iPads are like new. The children were all so happy to have their devices back with their data, photos and games. The children send hugs to Matt and his team. They really took their time, used high quality parts and were knowledgeable as well as super professional. They were also so nice and friendly. I highly recommend MackTech’s and will definitely go back again in the future. Thank you so much for reading.

    Hannah K 11 months ago
  • These guys are great! They fixed my son’s iPad screen in less than 3 hours and were super nice! Highly recommend!

    Angelina Tschanz a month ago
  • Quick, professional, and reasonably priced. Will absolutely go here for any future repair needs. Thanks for fixing my phone screen in less than an hour!

    Sarah Hudak a month ago
  • I called this place after bringing my computer to another place that did more damage. I spoke to somebody on the phone and they were very understanding. They told me to bring it in, so they could see what was wrong with it. They called me back within an hour 30 minutes or so told me that the other place failed to put everything back together when they gave me my computer back. So they had to fix that, and didn’t find anything else wrong with the laptop. Was very understanding my computer was done in the same day. Which is very unheard of. They are amazing. Love the people that work there, very professional. I would recommend this place to everybody.

    Tenisha Williams 6 months ago
  • initially I had to leave an unfavorable review but i had an immediate response from them and my situation was handled very professionally. It’s not that i didn’t think they were unprofessional at any time because they weren’t,, it’s just that I was left with an item that wasn’t functioning properly, but I reached out, we talked and things were sorted out as promised and again, very professionally, thoughtful and kindly and I was blown away as a customer! I understand in business sometimes things don’t go well, but if an owner can take responsibility and rectify things respectfully, then, i respect that…and for this reason I can say I would actually recommend them. Thanks Matt 💯👍😊

    T Value 4 months ago

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